The right trainer makes all the difference.

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Class Instructor & Private Lessons

Vaughn has been with Sweet Science since 2012, first as a boxer and now as an instructor. He teaches evening classes twice a week and is available for personal training. Vaughn won the 2015 Southern California Golden Gloves Championship and is a veteran of over 40 amateur bouts. He also has a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. As a boxer, Vaughn was always known for being strong and in shape, as a trainer he brings the same energy and commitment to your workout.


Kids Class Instructor - Assistant

Joey started boxing 5 years ago at Sweet Science and he is now one of the best boxers in the country. Having competed in other countries and all over the USA, Joey has over 60 amateur boxing fights with nearly 50 wins on his record. He's a 2x golden glove champion along with the 2022 WBC Elite Amateur Champion. Joey's been in the ring with half a dozen world champions. He uses his experience and enthusiasm to help in our kids program.


Fight Team Coach & Private Lessons

Coach Jamal Abdullah has been involved in boxing on a professional level over 40 years.  He's trained several professional world champions in the heavyweight and light heavy weight division, as well as working with highly ranked UFC fighters.   Coach brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. He's helped guide Sweet Science to the top of the amateur boxing scene winning several tournaments along with guiding undefeated pro boxers.  Coach works exclusively with dedicated pros and amateurs but is also available for private lessons.


Class Instructor & Private Lessons

John has an extensive background in fitness and personal training. He's been with Sweet Science Boxing under 1 year but has quickly become an integral part of the team. His classes teach boxing fundamentals with a an emphasis on cardio and strength. He'll get you into shape while learning to box.  His attitude and energy are infectious, keeping the classes fun and challenging at the same time.  John is also a certified USA Boxing Coach.


MMMA Class Instructor

Danny is currently ranked number 1 in CAMMO heavyweight division. He is our morning MMA coach along with a competing boxer in our stable. He has an extensive wrestling background along with being under the tutelage of the most legendary MMA trainers in Southern California.


Class Instructor & Private Lessons

Coach Tariq is a New York native who won the NY Golden Gloves in 1989. He's been involved in boxing ever since his youth and continues to pass his knowledge to our boxers and members. Coach Tariq teaches a morning class with a focus on technical skills. He coaches a handful of Sweet Science Boxers that boast winning records. At 6'4" coach is great at teaching the big men how to box with speed and agility.

Vaughn Cuttress

Jamal Abdullah

Danny Arpajon

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