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Our club wrestling program is perfect for young kids or high schoolers who are looking to compete in USA Wrestling sanctioned events all year round. USA Wrestling is a pathway to Team USA and the Olympics. Sweet Science competes in Local, Regional and National competitions for ages 5-6 years and up.  Many high school wrestlers train in our Club Wrestling program to stay in shape and compete in the off-season.



Monday through Friday at 4pm-5:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm - 7pm

Call Now 310-606-9171 to Join our Club Wrestling Team

Off-season club wrestling for Luezinger High School, Hawthorne High School, Lawndale High School


Wrestling for Kids

Kids can start wrestling under USA Wrestling rules as young as 5-6 years old. This is known as the Pee Wee division and is a great introduction to competitive sports for your child. Wrestling is challenging but rewarding.  Your child will gain confidence, athleticsm and discipline. 


High School Wrestling

We have built a relationship with several local high schools (that do not offer wrestling in their athletics programs) by offering their students the chance to compete against their peers in local and state-wide club wrestling events.  Our team offers after school training and by-monthly competition.

Pathway to the Olympics

USA Wrestling is the organization that governs competitive wrestling in the United States.  Climb the rankings and earn your spot as the no 1. in the nation in your age and weight class to become a national champion. Our program was created to prepare and groom our wrestlers to make Team USA.

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